Circle of Honor

We are especially grateful to our Circle of Honorees who push beyond their limits to incorporate this annual event into their lives – swimming ten events or raising $10,000. They inevitably recruit their friends and families as supporters and fundraisers, creating a reunion quality to this post-Labor Day ritual.

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Circle of Honor awardees. Each received a handcrafted medallion by Kaolin Davis or Christie Andressen from Taqwa Glassworks of Provincetown.

2016 Circle of Honor

Brian Moynihan, Boston

Shoshanna Ehrich, Brookline

Wendell Chestnut, Melrose

Dr. Ed Nardell, Brookline

William Klessens, Salem, NH

Jorge Arroyo, Brookline

Leslie Tiffany, Chestnut Hill

Esther Kohn, Jamaica Plain

Lyne Desormeaux, NYC

Suzanne Shayer, Hartford, CT

Chris Brenner, W. Dennis

Scott Helms, Hull


2015 Circle of Honor:

Carol Shea, Cambridge, MA

Michael Lynch, Boston, MA

Chris Brenner, W. Dennis, MA

Chris Perry, Groton & Truro, MA

Peter Mellett, N. Truro, MA

Gail Greenwood, Waterford, CT

Jackie Palmer, Acton, MA

Linda Heard, Bloomfield, NJ

Janet Villas, Bloomfield, NJ

Jonathan Scott, Boston & Provincetown, MA

Barbara Jo Revelle, Gainesville, FL

Nancy Civetta, Wellfleet, MA


Previous Circle of Honor members:

Elmer Gene Landis, Amesbury, MA.
Judy Ullman, Portsmouth, NH.

Caitlyn Dionne, Provincetown

Max Richter, San Diego, CA

Arthur Richter, Barrington, RI + Provincetown

Larry K. Smith, W. New York, NJ

Mike Syers, NYC & Provincetown

Henry Faaland, Hull, MA

Mark Bastian, Boston, MA

Helen Ederer, Vero Beach, CA

Jim Youngerman, Lenox, MA

Katie McCully, Eastham, MA

Jack Miller, Kingston, MA

Carla Kaplan, Wellfleet, MA

Rebecca Wagner and Olga Bravo, buy silagra 100 mg Pawtucket, RI

Peter Betit, Boston

Richard Friedman, NYC

Jim Christioni, Needham, MA

Joel Stahl, Larkspur, CA

Kenny Golding, Brooklyn, NY

Herve Hamon, Norwalk, CT

Mark Yates, Somerville, MA

Ro Pannessi, Watertown, MA

Martin Rook, NYC

Bill Klessens, Salem, MA

Tim Halke, S. Portland, ME

End 2013: Sherry Jefferson, Washington, PA

Fran Quish, Hartford, CT

Lake Perriguey, Portland, OR

George Stamides, Burlington, MA

Herve Hamon, Norwalk, CT

Ave Gaffney, North Truro, MA

Jeff Fennelly, NYC

Pat Rooney, Philadelphia, PA

Terry Stangel, Jamaica Plain. MA

Gregg Stallings, Venice, CA

Anne Ford Critchley, Quechee, VT

Martha Hevenor, South Welfleet, MA.

Andrea Cohen, Charlestown, MA

Bonnie Bishop, Nahant, MA

Maura Twomey, Boston, MA

Susan Massad, Framingham, MA

Maureen Hurley, Dedham, MA

Jim Farley, Provincetown, MA

Cindy Flores Ehlenfeldt, Charlestown, NH

Rick Wrigley, Provincetown, MA

Susan Aranoff, Middletown, CT

Shawn & Nicole McNulty, Provincetown, MA

Eileen Martinez, Belchertown, MA

Peter Shearer, New York, NY

Kathryn Rafter and Francey Beall, Dallas, TX

Ted Cass, North Truro, MA

Glenn Cunha, Brookline, MA

Kevin D. Batt, Jamaica Plain, MA

Michael Dively, Provincetown, MA

Daryel Duhaime, Wakefield, MA

Keith Fein, Boston, MA

Patrick Finn, Wellfleet, MA

Edward Goldstein, Branford, CT

Wendy Gulley, Watertown, MA

Merrill Hilf, Philadelphia, PA

Ed Hudner, Brookline, MA

Lee Hughes, Boston, MA

Raymond Johnson, Truro, MA

Gracie Johnston, South Portland, ME

Jon MacClaren, Chicago, Ill

Jean Martens Lyons, Dedham, MA

Paul Mast, Waldwick, NJ

Dave Pike, Wellfleet, MA

Kathryn Rafter, Provincetown/Dallas, TX

Don Richards, Provincetown, MA

James F. Seagle, Jamaica Plain, MA

Bill Silvestri, Quincy, MA

Jonas Stankus, North Truro, MA

Joe Stewart, Baltimore, MD

Steven Syta, Boston, MA

John Michael Tarrats, Providence, RI

John Tom, London, UK