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The Compact and its Founder and Director receive a Provincetown Film Fest Award

The Provincetown Community Compact and its founder and director, artist Jay Critchley, were given special recognition from the 2017 Provincetown Film Festival for 30 years of community building, which includes the 30th Swim for Life & Paddler Flotilla (Sept. 9). One of The Compact’s initiatives, the Think-ubator, nurtures grass roots projects through tax-deductible fiscal sponsorship. The Film Fest was incubated by The Compact for five years before the festival became it’s own non-profit. Here Jay’s remarks at the awards ceremony.

Christine Walker, Film Fest Director; Jay Critchley, The Compact Founder & Director; Ginny Binder, The Compact Board Chair; Lise King, filmmaker, producer.

Photos: (above) Mike Potenza; (left) Mike Syers, The Compact Board member.


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